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About US

Waste is a Huge Problem & EcoArk Has The Solutions

EcoArk is building the first combined product suite focused on over 20 core initiatives on sustainability, Zero Waste and Scarcity. Through a portfolio of interconnected sustainable service offerings, EcoArk has developed the most comprehensive and powerful network of sustainable solutions under a single brand.

Intelleflex provides on-demand, data visibility solutions for the cold supply chain and asset management. Our award winning XC3 Technology® RFID products and ZEST® Data Services platform enable solutions for monitoring the cold supply chain for retail grocers, fresh and frozen food providers and pharmaceutical companies as well as asset tracking, personnel monitoring and other applications.

The EcoArk360 technology and system is the only one of its kind currently being utilized in the commodities industry today. This system provides the ability to upload information and photographs with any smart device, allows real time data retrieval, and provides customized reporting.

Eco3D is focused on transitioning your business from 2D technology that’s existed since cave men ruled to a world of digital 3D. We incorporate a variety of 3D technologies to achieve your goals and objectives. What makes us unique is our consultative approach to educating you on how to use these technologies. We also work as your agent to keep you informed on the latest technology trends.


    We Can Dramatically Reduce That Loss Utilizing Intelleflex Technology Solutions

  • Reduce Construction Waste by 10%

    Utilizing Eco3D laser Scanning can Save 10% on Commercial Construction Projects

  • 91% of All Corrugated Cardboard in the U.S. is Recovered Each Year

    EcoArk360 Can Streamline Management of this and Other Recoverable Materials to Increase Revenue

  • A Third of all biopharmaceuticals are lost each year due to temperature issues

    Intelleflex Gives Total Clarity on Supply-Chain Gaps to Fix the Problem


Our Team

Randy S. May
CEO & Chairman
In his over 25 years in the retail world, Mr. May has been successful on both the supplier and retailer side, from complete start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, throughout it all proving his ability to read the market and deliver positive results.
Ken Smerz
President – Eco3D
Ken Smerz has worked successfully the past 26 years within the commercial/industrial construction industry as a contractor, and business executive throughout the western U.S. His ability to build a strong team and provide outstanding leadership has been the cornerstone to his success.
Peter Mehring
President – Intelleflex
Peter brings extensive experience in engineering, operations and general management at emerging companies and large enterprises. He was formerly Vice President of the Macintosh hardware group at Apple Computer, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Echelon, and founder of UMAX.
Greg Landis
Mr. Landis has served as the Chief Financial Officer of banks in Kansas, Arkansas and Texas, including organizations with over $2 billion in assets. Prior to these positions, he was a manager in the largest CPA firm in Kansas.
Roshan Weerasinghe
Mr. Weerasinghe is skilled in sourcing, logistics, and international business development. He has many years of experience serving as Director of International Operations, and Direct Import Manager of several large global retail and wholesale organizations, including Walmart.
Asa Hutchinson III
General Counsel
Utilizing his unique experience as a former federal prosecutor, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office attorney and civil litigator, Asa Hutchinson III focuses his practice primarily on commercial litigation and intellectual property matters.
John Bourdon
VP Investor Relations
Mr. Bourdon has spent more than six years raising private capital to fund projects in the healthcare, pet and consumer goods industries. During his six years, roughly $85 million dollars was raised for all projects combined.
Joy Hagerty
Ms. Hagerty has over 20 years of Global business experience in both Asia and the U.S. Born and raised in China, educated in the U.S., she excels in both business cultures. Ms. Hagerty was instrumental in Walmart China’s growth in the 90’s and 2000’s as the head of Loss Prevention and head of Corporate Affairs, overseeing Government Relations, Media Relations and the Legal Department.

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