Peter Mehring - Zest CEO

Peter Mehring

CEO, Zest Labs & President Ecoark Holdings, Inc.

Peter Mehring serves as President of Ecoark Holdings, Inc. Inc. and CEO of Zest Labs, a subsidiary of Ecoark Holdings, Inc., Inc. Mr. Mehring brings extensive experience in engineering, operations and general management at emerging companies and large enterprises. As CEO of Zest Labs, he has led the company’s efforts in pioneering freshness management solutions for the fresh food market. He also serves as a member of the Ecoark Holdings, Inc. Board of Directors.

Mr. Mehring was formerly Vice President of Macintosh hardware group at Apple Computer, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Echelon, and founder, General Manager and Vice President of R&D at UMAX. Mr. Mehring held Engineering Management positions at Radius, Power Computing Corporation, Sun Microsystems, and Wang Laboratories.