Ecoark Takes Steps to Acquire 440labs (Arkansas Democrat Gazette)

Ecoark Holdings Inc., a Rogers company that focuses on reducing waste in operations, logistics and supply chains, is acquiring software development and information solutions provider 440labs.

Ecoark said it has completed a nonbinding term sheet to acquire the Massachusetts company in an all-stock transaction. 440labs has partnered with Zest Labs — an Ecoark subsidiary — for the past four years, providing cloud solutions and mobile applications.

Ecoark Chief Executive Officer Randy May said in a statement that the transaction is consistent with the company’s capital deployment strategy of acquiring “high performing niche businesses.” 440labs’ name, brands and office locations will not change as a result of the transaction.

“440labs is a terrific company with clear leadership in its niche market, strong technical expertise with numerous growth opportunities, and a management team that will thrive as part of Zest Labs,” May said in the statement.

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Ask The Thought Leaders: What’s the Future of Construction? (Future of Everything)

Mysteries around construction during ancient times still exist today.

How did the pyramids really get built? What really happened at Stonehenge?

While historians will continue to debate how these ancient marvels were built, the rest of us may never know for sure. The one thing we do know is that construction has changed. A lot.

And if you look forwards the future, it’s clear that even bigger change is on the horizon. So get a better understanding of what the future of construction looks like, we reached out to industry experts and asked:

What’s the future of construction?

Here’s what we discovered…

Ken Smerz, President & CEO of Eco3d

“Eco3d specializes in 3d measurement technology – the fastest, most accurate form of measurement – and in producing 2d/3d digital representations of the collected data for the construction industry. As a leader in this field, we’ve employed LiDAR technology for as-builts for quite some time, and we’re now seeing an upward trend for applications in new construction as well.

I believe that this increased utilization is due to the immediately realizable value in terms of time and materials costs. Once an owner, architect or project manager has experienced first-hand the speed and level of accuracy achievable, they are usually loyal converts. Savings due to schedule compression and the ability to pre-fabricate materials offsite to exact dimensions make a highly favorable impact on a project budget. We’re also able to uncover critical conditions ahead of demolition and/or construction – allowing the team to mitigate previously unforeseen issues in advance, which again contains costs”

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Keeping the planes running on time: How construction tech cuts delays during airport upgrades (Construction Dive)

How do you fly a construction drone over an international airport? Start with the same requirements for your average commercial jet airliner, including a licensed and experienced pilot, a few co-pilots, and a live radio link to the air traffic control tower. You’ll also need special permission from the Federal Aviation Administration for take-off and flight operations in Class B restricted airspace.

They are huge profit centers and almost always the largest source of local tax revenue,” said Ken Smerz, president and CEO for Phoenix-based Eco3d, a national reality capture, 3-D modeling and engineering consultancy that has worked on modernization projects at the San Francisco International Airport, McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Chicago’s Midway International Airport and LAX, among others.

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Scanning Efficiency for Complex Structures (LiDAR Magazine)

Just as rugged terrain poses challenges to survey efforts for construction projects, internal scanning for commercial renovation projects can prove to be just as complicated with complex architectural builds. Structured Real Estate Partners saw just how difficult this could be with their recent renovation and reuse project for an old church based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The project, titled Meetinghouse at 3080, was designed to transform the beautiful and intricate inner workings of an abandoned church into a bustling retail, restaurant and commercial office space.

To maximize measurement accuracy and reduce the amount of time needed when compared to traditional surveying methods, Structured Real Estate turned to Eco3d, a portfolio company of Ecoark Holdings, Inc., that measures structural, mechanical, and architectural conditions using a variety of instruments in 2d and 3d.

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Partnership could mean business with ‘big box retailer’ for Sunworks & Ecoark Holdings, Inc. (Sacramento Business Journal)

Solar company Sunworks entered an agreement that could mean expanded business for the Roseville company, installing rooftop solar panels for a “major big-box retailer,” the Business Journal has learned. This project stems from the recently announced partnership between Ecoark Holdings, Inc. and Sunworks.

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