Nano Technology

Solar energy has proven to be both energy and cost efficient. With that being said, fundamental performance limitations exist within the thin-film solar cells currently in the market today. Historically, crystalline silicon (c-Si) has been used as the light-absorbing semiconductor in most solar cells, even though it is a relatively poor absorber of light and requires a considerable thickness (several hundred microns) of material.

Ecoark and Magnolia Solar are dedicated to advancing technology solutions that address the growing consumer demand for sustainable and socially responsible products that fit a model for low cost, high efficiency solar energy options. This focus on innovation and our patent-pending technology is designed to create higher solar electric conversion efficiency by increasing both the voltage and current output of thin-film solar cells.

Ecoark and Magnolia Solar will continue to file more patents to protect and build a strong portfolio of intellectual property that can expand the Ecoark portfolio of technology solutions that can be commercialized and brought to market.