Retail, Agriculture, and Food Services:

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There is currently a $61 Billion annual loss associated with retailer level food waste in the United States.  Despite many advances in produce harvesting, processing and distribution techniques, there still remains roughly 33% post-harvest waste between the farm, retailer and consumer. 

Much of this waste is the result of misperceptions and lack of adherence to best practices within the operations, logistics and supply chain management. By addressing the source of quality inconsistency, food waste can be dramatically reduced.

Ecoark and its wholly owned company Zest Labs™; strives to dramatically improve the quality consistency of perishable food for consumers and retailers worldwide – all while significantly reducing the massive 30% plus post-harvest waste, improving food safety and supply visibility, delivered with a positive cash flow solution. The Zest Fresh™ solution is the only real-time, unit-level freshness management tool that is both practical and immediately cost effective.